Wine Enthusiasts

Well hello happy wine enthusiasts! It’s been 3 years of R&D in the making but

Well hello happy wine enthusiasts! It’s been 3 years of R&D in the making but we are coming close to making our debut. My extremely picky husband is happy with a few recipes. (Thank goodness and finally!) The labels are decided and our website is ready to start accepting orders.

We are told blogging is apparently a thing now. I have zero experience in this area but I’m going to give it my best shot!

In a comical conversation with my husband this evening he asks for my help and we had what I thought was a funny chat to share with you.

Husband-Ken-Winemaker Extraordinaire “So we need to do a post for the blog on the website. We should look at that. Not this second, but this weekend.”
Me-Heidi-Winemaker’s Wife, “Okay that doesn’t sound so hard.”
Ken, “Maybe not for you. You’re good at that sort of thing.”
Me, “Yeah. Maybe. I haven’t ever done it. But doesn’t sound so hard. If I wasn’t working more than full-time, I could get into that.”
Ken, “I’d rather scoop {dog} poop in the yard. Get a tooth pulled. Go to the doctor and find out a have a tumor…”
Me, “You’re hilarious! So, what do you want to say to the peoples?”
Ken, “I dunno. That’s the sort of thing you are good at.”
Me, “Sure if I had all the free time in the world, I’d be all over that. Could be fun.”
Ken, “That’s why I’m going to make you VP of Marketing and Sales.”
Me, “No thank you. Take the sales all out of that. I have no interest in quotas or earning a living on commissions.”
Ken, “Yeah but it sure is a fancy title.”
Me, “Yeah that’s true. No one has to know it’s a 1.25-man operation. Hahahaha!”

We have some of the greatest fun and hysterically funny little chats!

But really this winery has been a long time in the making and we are so excited to share our first results with all of you.

We truly hope you enjoy the fantastic yumminess we bring to you!

And there you have it, folks… our first random blog post!

Disclaimer by Ken: Yes, my wife was drinking some of our fantabulous wine while writing this post! 🤪